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Windows add the beauty of homes. Windows in the old times were placed in the homes just for the ventilation process. Nowadays, windows are used to beautify homes. The architecture uses different window designs for the elegance of homes. Without homes, the beauty of homes is totally ruined and even if the windows are not chosen wisely then it will also be a destructive step for the beauty of the home. Different designs of windows are available in Pakistan…

For ventilation purposes, sliding windows are considered ideal in homes and buildings. These sliding windows are available in different designs in Pakistan. These windows are convenient for users in many ways. In sliding windows, one pane of the window is properly fixed and immovable while the other pane is moveable and can be slide to the other side to give way to air. In these type of windows, iron bars are added for the security purposes.

In earlier times, wooden windows were available. With the passage of time, metal windows were added in the collection of windows. Then with time, different designs came in the market and then the increasing demands increase the competition in the market as well. Now with keeping in mind the climate changes, engineers have manufactured such windows which could minimize the effects of climate. Also, the wooden windows are the reason for massive destruction if their care is not taken properly.